Reasons to do/to not do something

1.You’re too stubborn to quit.

2. Peer pressure

3. You’re standards for yourself are exorbitantly high

4. You’ve invested $8000 (plus rent and eating-out and bus money and moving to a new city)

5. Impress people you love.

6. Spite people you no longer like.

7. Prove yourself as a minority in your field.

8. Prove yourself as a minority in your life (given your own personal fucked-up  circumstances)

9. Have a reason to not lay in bed all day listening to music and avoiding people.

10. Be the only person from your high school to do what you’re doing.

11. Because it hurts and you’re moderately masochistic.

12. You’re afraid to not be this busy.

13. You’re straight-up too stubborn to quit.